E2E Experience

Each year, businesses tend to lose billions in customer churn due to avoidable customer experience issues. Part of the problem is that companies frequently measure their performance by focusing on disconnected touchpoints or metrics rather than gathering the big picture. They rely solely on metrics in some cases. However, data alone will not suffice to understand your customers.

Priya Mishra helps you own End-to-End Customer Experiences where you can go out there and talk to them one-on-one, walk in their shoes, and conduct extensive UX research to foster understanding.

Impact of E2E experiences

- End-to-end customer voyages enable businesses to determine the most effective way to impact customers.

- Organizations can leverage the aspects that drive customer satisfaction by keeping the customer's experience in mind.

- Creating an end-to-end customer journey allows businesses to track their progress and how their campaigns influenced consumer behaviour.

B2B Experience

Compared to B2C, B2B customer experiences are lesser and far lower. Many B2B companies claim to prioritise customer experience, but their actions do not complement their speech. With the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 and its impact on global industries, B2B companies are beginning to recognise the value of investing in customer experience and the competitive advantage it can provide.

Priya Mishra helps B2B companies reap significant benefits by applying future-ready principles that can lead your brand to succeed in today’s highly complex marketplace.

Customer Experience

Providing an exceptional customer experience (CX) is likely the most important competitive advantage for any business, regardless of size or industry.

Digital Disruption

Disruptive marketing entails employing novel tactics that challenge the status quo. Rather than following conventional marketing wisdom, disruptive marketers experiment with risky, fresh strategies. Some are successful, while others are not. That's fine; that's how novelty works.

Because of rapid changes in technology, rising consumer aspirations, and fierce competition in most industries, marketing disruption is more important than ever. We would remain static and never evolve if there was no disruption. The future breed of consumers has different purchasing habits than earlier generations, including greater use of rapidly evolving digital technology.

Therefore, marketing is about more than just lead generation; it is also about customer retention. As a marketer, Priya Mishra develops new methods of delivering materials that promote customer success that not only increase holding rates but also encourage cross-sell and upsell opportunities.

Brand Image

Through brand image positioning, Priya Mishra unveils the right perceptions about your business. If brand positioning describes how a brand is seated in the minds of customers, the general impression of a product held by current and/or potential customers is referred to as its image. The key stakeholders should be able to define, understand, and support your brand positioning statement and target audience. So, where exactly is the issue? There is a significant divide between brand positioning and brand image.

Priya Mishra uses continuous market research, removes generic implications of the brand and advises you intelligently to invest in brand building along with a powerful promotional marketing strategy.

The most appropriate operational model

An operating model links a company's vision and strategy to its operations. Besides, strategy is why it does what it does, and its operations are how it does it. The combination of these two concepts in an operating model explains what the company does. It serves as a guide for management in translating strategic goals into operational capabilities. But creating the perfect operational model requires elements that will complement your company’s flow. How can that be achieved?

Priya Mishra redefines company strategies and stimulates constructive dialogue amongst stakeholders and the organisation to understand current and futuristic operational models. Besides, she also identifies the network of systems and the ideal organisational structure with a sequential approach to identifying the most appropriate model.

Unique proprietary framework

Priya Mishra’s proprietary framework uses the best combination of Blue Ocean Strategy and marketing mix. She specialises in creating end-to-end user journeys through solid planning and inspiration and equips clients with effective strategies that actually work. Her custom websites and applications deliver engaging brand messages and outstanding results. She employs the flawless Blue Ocean Strategy to create new market space and achieve demand by focusing on high quality and low costs. It is predicated on the idea that market limits and industry structure are not fixed and can be recreated by participants based on their actions and beliefs.

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