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Priya Mishra is Sydney Australia’s acclaimed marketing strategist, keynote speaker, business leader, influencer, and entrepreneur. She’s the co-founder of Corporality Global, a management consulting firm specialising in marketing and sales. She is a trusted advisor and a pioneer of the Culturally Conditioned Framework.

At Corporality, we work guided by our motto ‘ideation with fearless creativity’. We bring high-value growth plan and sustainability on the table for our customers and the communities we serve.

Priya Mishra is also the author of the book ‘Journey of Perseverance’ and ‘Cultivate and Conquer’. Since 2014, she has worked with business owners across the globe to establish brand position for the products and services across multiple industries.

Our 30-min podcast shares amazing stories and success tips for to help people with their growth and sustainability business planning.

⇛ Yes. We are looking for podcast guests, and we want to hear and share your story.

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☛ As a business, you should be experiencing some very good momentum and be enjoying success stories, especially those $ value. We'll be talking about how you achieve and overcame certain challenges!

☛ Your company and you should have some CSR to bring social impact to showcase ‘purpose' and thoughtfulness in your mission.

☛ You must be a CEO, COO, CMO, and CXO in the following industries: High Tech, Information Technology, AR/VR, Renewable Energy, Utility, Fintech, Biotech, Nanotech, Agritech, Edutech, Healthtech, Agetech, Agritech, Big Data, and Cyber security.

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    ✔ After the interview, we will edit the video with our branding and share it to multiple platforms. It is a Digital PR opportunity and great exposure for you and your brand, eventually it might lead to some great connections and customers from our audience.

    ✔ We will also convert the interview in text format and will post it as a blog with your views on our website for more visibility.

    ✔ We hope that our communication leads to great opportunities for both parties.

    ✔ It is highly recommended that you also share the interview with your audience for double bonanza.

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    ✔ We'll be recording on Zoom VIDEO. We will likely grab a couple 30-60 second video snippets of our chat to promote you to our audience. Try to be well-lit so we can see your smiling face!

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    ✔ Please have a quality microphone ready to go prior to our interview. Gaming headsets and internal laptop microphones are usually very poor quality and will require rescheduling our interview.