Priya Mishra is Australia's acclaimed speaker, marketing strategist, business thought leader, author, and entrepreneur. She is the founder and CEO of Corporality Global - A strategic marketing consulting firm.

Priya comes with an extensive background in information technology, business, social and consumer strategy concepts. She has worked with major IT firms in India and Australia providing valuable insights throughout her career, while also contributing to sales and revenue generation.

As a keynote speaker and business strategist, Priya comes with a strong experience in corporate leadership. During her career, she has collaborated with many business leaders and helped them achieve their visionary goals while establishing participation and excitement around accountability among teams.

Her transformative strategies tap all relevant stakeholders and help them align their operational, marketing and sales objectives while staying trained on their vision.

A leadership expert, she delivers high-energy presentations that compel audiences to pay attention to what matters most in business. Priya helps enterprises disrupt monotony through a repeatable and practical framework, and shows how they can transform their culture to grow with change rather than just survive with change.


On the personal front, she is a devoted homemaker as well, with two beautiful children. She is a voracious reader and affirms her passion by reading at least one book a week. Priya comes with vast knowledge of Hinduism and Hindu scriptural studies, which fuels her democratic bent of mind. She believes in equality and brotherhood and has made several mentions of the same in her book as well.

Priya’s first book ‘Journey of Perseverance’ focused entirely on her quest for success, which also included personal connotations and recommendations for a victorious business. Her second book, ‘Cultivate and Conquer’ also features success sanctions, where she tries to instill the hunger for success and then provides pathways to tackle negativity and conquer success itself.

In both her books, she engages readers with down-to-earth examples and leaves them with empowering tools and mindsets that can go a long way in their personal lives.

With the ultimate aim to inspire a positive change among the audience, Priya works tirelessly toward bringing about bigger changes in businesses and society. She often uses unique approaches derived from lessons from past hardships and views them as opportunities to grow. Academic concepts are transliterated into easy-to-understand ideas that help CEOs, CMOs and stakeholders to perceive them objectively. She inspires a big change in attitude through her motivational speeches and writings leading to immediate actions.