What's The Agenda

Total 12-Month Program with no obligation to do all the challenges.

We spend so much time and money on our own health, fitness and well-being including gym memberships, treatments and more. But what about the health of your business? Poor business health will not only have an impact on your finances but is also a major factor when it comes to your mental health. Taking the time and ‘investing’ some money into managing the health of your business is a must. This 90 Day Challenge for Entrepreneurs is designed to help your business development efforts and accelerate your growth.

Understanding Business Models

In the first phase of the challenge, you will dive deep into the world of business models. Understanding your business model is crucial for success. You'll explore different models, identify the one that aligns best with your goals, and learn how to optimise it for maximum profitability.

Hightlights And Key Benefits

  • Comprehensive evaluation of  different business models
  • Gauge the profitability and sustainability of the ideal model for your venture
  • Adapting and evolving your model to market changes
  • Risk management for each business model

Money Matters

Mastering your finances and cash flow is essential for business survival and growth. In this phase, you'll gain a solid foundation in financial management, enabling you to make informed decisions and secure your company's future.

We'll cover:

  • Strategic thinking and financial planning (Expert Appearance)
  • Budgeting and financial planning
  • Cash flow management
  • Investment and funding strategies
  • Risk assessment and mitigation
Business Development Management (BDM) Fundamentals

A strong grasp of Business Development Management (BDM) fundamentals is at the core of this challenge. You'll learn essential skills, strategies, and tools to streamline your operations, increase efficiency, and build a robust foundation for sustainable growth.

We will guide you through topics such as:

  • Market analysis and research
  • 4Ps v 4Cs of marketing (Expert Appearance)
  • Sales and marketing strategies
  • Team building and leadership
  • Customer relationship management

Futuristic Approach Towards Growth

In today's dynamic business environment, having a futuristic mindset is key to staying ahead of the competition. In this final phase, you'll develop a forward-thinking approach towards growth, exploring innovative strategies and technologies that will propel your business into the future.

Topics Include:

  • Embracing digital transformation and automation
  • Data-driven decision-making
  • Leveraging emerging technologies for competitive advantage

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